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Welcome to my homepage.



I’m a photographer who lives on Gabriola island,  which is a small island surrounded by the Salish sea in British Columbia Canada.

I was born in Osaka Japan.
After I lived in several big cities, I came straight to Gabriola Island in 2014.
Since then I spent my spare time either at the beach or in the woods, as much as possible, to see local wildlife and nature. It hasn’t always been easy since I’m also  a mother of two children and a wife.

On Gabriola Island, fortunately I have many opportunities to see wildlife up close to me all year round.

When photographing an object, I feel like all noise around me has disappeared, time slows down, and there is nothing except me and the object.
I love feeling like I’m a part of nature.

My photography business name is Shizen 自然 photography. Shizen means nature or natural in Japanese.
In Kanji, 自 is widely used to add the meaning “ spontaneous “ or “ natural “.

It can also mean “ self”.
然 means “ state of being” in Japanese.

My logo is designed to look like an the electrocardiogram. It expresses my heartbeat when I see something special.

I welcome everyone who kindly visits my homepage.  It’s my hope that you can feel my heart beat when you look at my photography.


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ホーム: ポートフォリオ


ホーム: 動画プレーヤー
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